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Thursday, February 25, 2021

FBI Investigating Whether The Person Who Stole Nancy Pelosi Laptop Tried Selling It To Russia

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The FBI is right now exploring whether the missing lady who took House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s PC during the Capitol revolt proposed to offer it to Russia.

Riley June Williams, the one who purportedly took Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s PC during the Jan. 6 Capitol revolt, may have endeavored to offer it to Russians, as per a testimony unlocked Sunday, Politico detailed. The case “stays under scrutiny,” the oath said.

“[A witness] expressed that Williams expected to send the PC gadget to a companion in Russia, who at that point intended to offer the gadget to SVR, Russia’s unfamiliar knowledge administration,” FBI specialist Jonathan Lund wrote in the testimony.

“The exchange of the PC gadget to Russia fell through for obscure reasons Williams actually has the PC gadget or devastated it,” Lund proceeded.

The observer told agents that they were a previous sentimental accomplice of Williams, as per the oath.

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